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Glasgow Institute of Architects SMALL PRACTICE winner 2013
House 10 in Glasgow
House 10 in Glasgow, image 1
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House 10 in Glasgow

This beautiful gatehouse within the park grounds has been derelict for a number of years with collapsing floors, an exposed roof and crumbing stonework and is desperate need of repair. Our proposal develops the cottage into a large family house with a secure enclosed garden facing south. Similar to lots of our work the proposal is discrete and in keeping with the existing building character and scale, almost leaving the building as it was built. The significant external change is to add an extra bedroom upstairs which is a mirror of the adjacent stone gable, but finished in timber. This provides everyone in the family with a bedroom on the same level. Below this new bedroom the kitchen is located with a stone plinth around the base edge and heavy window mullions in stone to give the impression of carrying the room above. Projecting into the garden a little more is a square living with floor to ceiling windows looking into what will be the enclosed private garden. This glazing to the rear will catch the sun and provide a great source of (free) solar heat-gain. The proposed materials are natural with exposed galvanized structural finishes, timber frame windows, blonde sandstone, zinc and slate roofing. Inside the existing house shell will be much like it was in days gone by. We are opening up a little more wall area to give a sense of open-plan-ness and assume the family will grow into the spaces without being on top of each other or become isolated from each other. The front and side elevations are largely unchanged, simply restored to a condition similar to the original construction and fenestration. The front garden edges will be defined through surface material changes and a small metal railing.

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