Mackintosh Mews
filling a void lost in time

This quirky home is located within servants quarters and a former grand kitchen extension to a victorian villa built by Charles Rennie Mackintosh during his time at Honeymoon and Keppie.

Flimsy partitions and lowered ceilings inserted in the 1970s had covered original details, fireplaces and an incredible volume of space capable of accommodating a split level mezzanine within it.

Alongside careful peeling back of the 1970s interventions and delicate restoration works, we inserted a new steel frame to create two areas of high-level space that cascades down to the existing living area.

Detailed with a delicate touch, the steel is clearly a new addition and provides support for a secondary layer of oak and glass that provides safe enclosure from the edges but retains transparency through the original large kitchen volume. The scale and proportion of all new elements are determined by the existing timber roof trusses, which are similar to those found at other H&K projects such as Glasgow Art Club and Glasgow School of Art.

photography by ataSTUDIO

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