Quarry House
a curving new home in a former quarry

Wedged between a golf course and the edge of a small town on designated green belt land, we achieved planning permission for this new home for its modern, Scottish vernacular style and site specific design.

The land is defined through its shape and form, with a steep curving rock face to the south and west, a sharp level change to the north and bounded by the road to the east. The architecture mirrors the curving rock edge, defining an edge to the adjacent clubhouse and road, whilst forming a private garden courtyard between the house and the rock.

Internally, the house has an upside down layout, with intimate sleeping and bathing spaces tucked on the lower floor, allowing social spaces to be pushed upwards towards the light. The open plan living level captures elevated views, maximises double height volumes and is penetrated by a vast roof light over the kitchen. The living space is terminated with a covered elevated terrace allowing connection to the garden and outside.

Traditional high quality materials; render, stone, slate, lead are combined with modern technology to form this unique home required for a unique site.

photography by ataSTUDIO

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