Hidden House
A secret garden home near the city

Hidden from the street, this new house sits partly in the position of a stone outbuilding that bounded the road and adjacent lane. Curved to the inner edge, the house is sculpted around a mature birch tree that provides adequate space and screening between itself and the neighbouring property.

Built no higher than the former outbuilding to the road edge, the new house has a uniform level roof line that is finished with a green sedum roofing system, disguising it from the elevated houses around. Working with the slope of the land, the house grows from a single storey traditional feeling entrance at the street end to a two storey curving glass facade, facing the private secluded garden to the south.

A very simple and limited palette of materials is used externally. Old stone salvaged from down takings is used to the street facing edges, new dressed coursed stone to the enclosed garden facing walls, timber framed windows, delicate metal detailing to the roof edge, soffits and terrace, fit gently into the conservation setting. The house is modest, sits sensitively into the context and provides fun, functional living for our clients.

photography by ataSTUDIO

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